The Best Resources for SaaS Startup Marketers


As SaaS marketers, we don’t learn the tools of the trade while in University or College, despite what our professors might think. 

Below is a collection of the blog posts, online resources, guides, and tools that have helped me the most over the last several years as a SaaS marketer. I've used all of these extensively and they've earned a permanent spot in my bookmarks bar. I’ll regularly update this list as I try new tools and discover more resources.

Marketing Strategy

Forget the Funnel workshops: This is bar none the best online course/webinar on SaaS marketing for startups and small teams. I highly recommend CEOs and founders who struggle to understand the function of marketing (or who don’t have a marketing person yet) to watch these webinars as well. Created by SaaS veterans and all around bad-ass ladies, Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop.

Intercom on Marketing: You'll see a theme here in that I really like Intercom (more on that later) and the content they create. This is one of their many books on various SaaS topics, all worth a read.

Inside Intercom podcast: See? I told you there's a pattern here. They interview SaaS experts from all areas of a business. For marketers, this helps to bridge the gap between us and the dev team.

The 19 channels you can use to get traction: A summary of the book Traction, and essentially the SaaS marketing 101 book.

SEO and Content

Kantan- Finding high converting value propositions: Momoko Price is a copy-writing expert. This ebook outlines an extremely simple approach to collecting user research and writing value propositions. I’ve used this method for Rewind and it’s very effective for when you’re just starting out or designing the first iteration of a landing page or website.

Copywriting formulas: don’t write from scratch! The title says it all; use effective templates and formulas as often as possible.

Growing a site from 0 to 10k visitors a month

Answer the public: Really fun SEO tool to help you find long tail keywords and blog post ideas.

SEO Spider Web: I’m currently working on implementing this strategy so I’ll write a post on how it worked out for me. 

Email Automation




Canva color palette generator

Web Gradients

Dribbble: For anything that I’m designing myself, I turn to Dribbble to find inspiration. It’s also a great place to find freelancers for design work.


Mode Analytics Micro Site

Hotjar: If you’re only collecting website analytics using Google Analytics, you’re missing a ton of key information. I use Hotjar for heatmaps and collecting surveys from website visitors to help inform web design and copy decisions. my referral link:

Digital marketer’s campaign playbook

Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint: Or - how to not many sales and pitch decks that suck

Tools I want to Test/Books I want to read

Growth Engine

Value Proposition Design